The less time you spend securing your load the sooner you’re done! By eliminating straps you can save up to 15 minutes at each end of your trip. No need to turn any bundles to stabilize the load; this reduces the number of trips and speeds up loading and unloading.

Follow the Leader

Bale Rails are equipped with pass through Hydraulics that allow wagons to be connected together and allow control of the hydraulic action on second unit from the cab.

Operator Safety

Bale Rails are activated from the safety of your tractor. No need to struggle with straps, climb over your load, or watch for falling bales.


Braced C-channel design of bed allows unit to flex when pulling through ditches and uneven terrain. Bed is also bolted directly onto running gear making it more stable on sidehills.


On the road and in the field, your entire load is more secure by being held firmly in place on four sides. The sides are independently controlled. This allows the operator to quickly raise and lower sides for moving across uneven terrain while loading.