The Baler Made for Bale Baron®

The first high-capacity small square baler that matches performance of Bale Baron 5250.

210 Baler 210 Baler

Setting the new pace for hay bale production, the Marcrest 210 Baler eliminates the productivity bottleneck of traditional balers and provides the first Bale Baron 5250 integrated windrow-to-bundle system for high-volume small bale production that's ready for market all in one step.

25 US Tons/Hr / 1000* Bales per hour / 50lbs, 6-7 flakes
19 US Tons/Hr / 750* Bales per hour / 50lbs, 8-9 flakes
30 US Tons/Hr / 850* Bales per hour / 70lbs, 8 flakes

*Peak performance shown. Refer to chart on product page.

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Big production just got better with Marcrest's newest line of Bale Baron, the 5250T and 5250P. Building on the original design principles that Bale Baron owners appreciate, the new 5250 models feature many impressive upgrades designed to improve productivity and serviceability. 

    New Design Features  

      - In-cab ISOBUS Connectivity

      - Greaseless Nitrided Pins & Composite Bushings 

      - Lower Bale Pickup and Rollers

      - Wider Stance for More Stability

      - Redesigned Cushion Cylinders

      - Swing Out Twine Cabinet 

      - Gas Shock Mounted Access Panels and Shields




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