25 US Tons/Hr / 1000* Bales per hour / 50lbs, 6-7 flakes
19 US Tons/Hr / 750* Bales per hour / 50lbs, 8-9 flakes
30 US Tons/Hr / 850* Bales per hour / 70lbs, 8 flakes

*Peak performance shown. Refer to chart on product page.

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Output Performance by Bale Weight and Flake Count (see brochure for details)



Bale Size14" x 18"
PTO speed 540 rpm
Flywheel475 lb. (215 kg)
Camless PickupStandard
Pickup Width78" (198 cm)
Pickup DriveVariable Speed Onboard Hydraulic
Pickup Tine Bars5
Pickup WindgaurdSpring Adjustable Swath Roller with Tines
Pickup Gauge Wheels16/6.5-8 Foam Filled Swiveling
Auger Protection Racheting Torque Limiter
Auger Drive#60 Chain
Rotor ProtectionAuto-Reset Torque Limiter
Rotor DriveGearbox
Stuffer3 Tine Crank Type
Stuffer DriveGearbox
Stuffer ProtectionShearbolt
Plunger Speed (540)120 Strokes/Min.
Plunger ProtectionAuto-Reset Torque Limiter
Knotters3 Tailless
Knotter ProtectionShearbolt
Knotter FanAuto-Reversing Hydraulic
Twine Storage21 Balls
Chamber Tension3-Way Onboard Hydraulic
SuspensionStandard Rubber Block
Onboard Hydraulic SystemStandard ( Pickup Drive, Bale Tension, Knotter Fan )
Baler Weight (approx)11,000 lb. (4,989 kg)
Hitch Weight (approx)1,700 lb. (771 kg)
Minimum HP Requirement125 hp ( 165 hp for baler and 5250 Bale Baron )
Minimum Tractor WeightTractor must be greater than baler weight (or total towed implement weight)
Tractor Hydraulics1 single acting (for pickup lift)


Variable Speed Camless Pickup

The ground speed matched camless pickup head feeds the double auger and rotor for combined superior feeding efficiency.

Triple Rasspe Tailless Knotter

The triple tailless knotter is designed to create a stronger knot without the use of a knife arm.

Pick-up Head Swivel Wheels

Supporting the pick-up head are two swivel wheels with adjustments for consistent minimum ground clearance.

In-Cab Control Panel

Using the LCD screen display, the in-cab tablet provides fingertip control of all baler functions.

Auto-Reset Driveline Clutch

Protecting the entire baler from power overload without using shear pins is the auto-reset clutch. Simply slow down RPMs to allow the driveline to re-engage and then continue baling as normal.

120 Strokes / Min

Packing in the hay fast and tight is the plunger running at 120 strokes per minute using the momentum of the large diameter 380-pound flywheel.

14” x 18” Bale Size

Producing bales in the standard 14” x 18” size, the 210 uses three strings to create consistent and uniform bales.

Onboard Hydraulic System

Self contained onboard hydraulic system for efficient and contamination free management of baler’s hydraulic functions.

Pass-Through Hydraulics

The 210 Baler provides hydraulic ports at the rear of the unit to easily connect the Bale Baron 5250 for streamlining initial setup.

250 Hour Grease Intervals

Designed with low maintenance requirements in mind, the 210 Baler features premium components made to last with minimal servicing needed.

Full Access Shields

Top and side shields fully open to easily access all components. The stuffer, rotor and chamber also have dedicated clean-out doors.

21 Twine Spools

With a holding capacity of 21 twine spools, the 210 matches high-capacity baling with high-volume twine requirements for in-field efficiency.