Small Bale Convenience Meets Large Scale Efficiency

A full row consists of three bales that will build a pack of 21, 18 or 9 bales in total. Once the injector positions the last bale in place, the Bale Baron compresses and ties the pack together using a Rasspe Knotter. As the next bundle is formed the pack is pushed out of the chamber, rolls down the ramp and is gently placed on the ground.

Stage 1

In-field Pick Up

No gathering chains! Each bale is gently lifted by vertical rollers, placed on a belt, and conveyed to the rotary table. Simply steer the Bale Baron unit in place and the guides ensure the bale enters the belt conveyor perfectly. Trail models have an articulated chute to guide bales directly off the baler.

Stage 2-3


A perforated turntable gently rotates each bale into position. The spacer bar prevents bales from jamming together.


The 2-stage injector pushes each bale into the chamber inserting 3 bales into a stack. Three-bale stacks are consecutively pushed into the chamber by the plunger to form a bundle.

Stage 4

Tie Cycle

Using the double knot system, a Rasspe knotter ties the large bundle together with plastic twine to safely and securely bind the pack. During the tie cycle the endgates close, plunger compresses bundle, and the knotter engages and ties off bundle.

Stage 5


Once complete, the endgates open and as the next bundle is being formed, the newly tied bundle exits the chamber onto the sloped roller ramp which assists with gentle placement on the ground.