Tightly Packed Bundles

Designed to virtually eliminate wasted space, Bale Baron Packs load from floor to ceiling, maximizing your trailer loads to nearly 800 bales in one shipment.

Standard Square Bales

Bale Baron's signature compression system creates 35" bales from the regular 32" size bales. Perfect for loading van, flat deck, or refrigerator trailers.

Local and Long Distance

Achieve blazingly quick load times with Bale Baron bundles. Load a 53' van trailer in as little as 20 minutes or simply set a bundle in the back of a customer's pickup truck.

Which Way Will You Load?

3 bundles tipped over and stacked on top of each other is the same height as 2 bundles stacked upright. Depending on how the hay is brought out of storage, how the customer will unload and the bale handling products available, both methods of loading can be used without sacrificing any space. If a customer wants to unload by hand the strings of the small square bales are more accessible if the bundles are flipped over. Loading/unloading with a bale spear also works better if the bundles are flipped over.