Isobus CompatibleStandard
Greaseless Pins & Composite BushingsStandard
Trails Behind BalerOptional Receiving Platform Required
N/A with PTO pump kit
Surge BrakesOptional
(Not available in Europe)
Air BrakesOptional
(In Europe, choose standard Air or Hydraulic Brakes)
Hydraulic BrakesOptional
(In Europe, choose standard Air or Hydraulic Brakes)
Bale Size:
14"x18" Bale - 21 Bale Bundle
16"x18" Bale - 18 Bale Bundle
Closed Center Hydraulic SystemStandard
Load Sensing SystemStandard
Open Center Hydraulic SystemOptional
Hydraulic Oil CoolerStandard with Power Units, otherwise N/A
Horsepower Minimum100 hp
Hydraulic Flow Minimum20 gpm (80 lpm)
Hydraulic Flow Recommended25 - 30 gpm (95 - 113 lpm)
Max. Permissible Hydraulic Flow30 gpm (113 lpm)
Power Beyond with Load SensingRequired when using Tractor Hydraulics
Not required with Power Units
Remote SCV Required2 sets
Diesel Powered Hydraulic Power UnitN/A
30 GPM PTO Powered UnitOptional
40 GPM PTO Powered UnitN/A
3PH mounted 30 gpm PTO Power UnitOptional
3PH mounted 40 gpm PTO Power UnitN/A
Base Weight11,575 LBS (5250 KG)
Weight with PTO Pump Kit12,350 LBS (5600 KG)
Capacity800 bales/hr @ 30 gpm (113 lpm)
600 bales/hr @ 25 gpm (95 lpm)
400 bales/hr @ 20 gpm (80 lpm)
Overall Length392" (996 cm)
Width with 15" Standard Tires98 in (250 cm)
Width with 19" Wide Flotation Tires104 in (264 cm)
Wheelbase Length125" (318 cm)
Rear Tandem AxleOptional
Front Offset SwivelOptional
Height (Railings Collapsed)127" (323 cm)
Height (Railings Raised)135" (343 cm)


ISOBUS Connectivity

The Bale Baron 4250 Series is now fully ISOBUS compatible, giving the operator full control and visibility over the bundling process, right from the cab. Watch each bundle build as every bale is tracked and counted - both in auto and manual modes - for accuracy every time. The Bale Baron will work with and without ISOBUS. If your tractor does not have an ISOBUS display, an optional display is available. The Bale Baron will also work without ISOBUS using the standard in-cab control.

Greaseless Nitrided Pins and Composite Bushings

To improve reliability and to help make servicing a Bale Baron easier, all pivot points now use greaseless and nitride treated pins as well as composite bushings

Lower Bale Pickup

To increase production on all in-field pickup models, the front bale pickup is now lower to the ground. We’ve also increased the length of the vertical rollers for more surface engagement. This means more grip for picking up bales.

Wider Stance

To improve the stability of the Bale Baron, the wheel base has been widened.

Large Twine Cabinets

Storage for 16 balls of twine means you can bundle more than 5000 small square bales before needing to refill the cabinets. Plastic twine is one of the most efficient binding options available. Plastic twine is easy to buy, cost effective and user friendly for producer and end user.

Rasspe Knotter

The Bale Baron uses the proven low maintenance Rasspe knotter for reliability and easy serviceability. Sealed knotter components keep dirt out and grease in, requiring grease only once a year. Missed ties have an audible alarm.

Spring Assist Roller Ramp

Once tied, each bundle exits the Bale Baron down the roller ramp and gently onto the ground. The roller ramp is equipped with a compression spring to assist the operator when pinning up the ramp. Add a roller chute extension for stationary baling.

Turn Table

The aggressive traction of the Bale Barons perforated turn-table grabs the bales as they exit the baler giving excellent side hill performance.

Dual Caster Wheels

Two dual heavy-duty front caster wheels for increased stability and flotation. Hollow rubber block suspension on casters for smooth trailing.

Smart Solve

The Smart/Solve system runs using a PLC that constantly monitors and warns the operator when needed. Smart/Solve provides user friendly command and alarm messages for the operator.

Air and Hydraulic Brakes

Air brakes and hydraulic brakes are optional on all 4250 and 5250 models.

In Europe, all 4250 and 5250 models come standard with your choice of air or hydraulic brakes. A manual parking brake is also included.


ISOBUS Display Unit - Optional Add On

If your tractor does not have ISOBUS, Marcrest offers an ISOBUS display unit.

PTO Pump Kit - Optional Add On

The PTO Power Units are designed to make the most of the equipment you have. By transforming PTO power into hydraulic power this unit allows older tractors to be used to run the Bale Baron that may not have the hydraulic capacity but have the horsepower to do the job. The PTO power units are equipped with a variable displacement piston pump with load sensing, a 30 gallon reservoir, and an oil cooler. The PTO power units utilize high performance CV joints. The 30 GPM PTO has a capacity of 800 bales/hr and keeps up with two balers.

Telescoping Endgates - Optional Add On

This kit allows you to choose the standard 21Pack, 18Pack or 9Pack bundle. The kit consists of telescoping endgates which change from 21Pack to 18Pack or 9Pack with the pull of a pin. Hydraulic expeller rollers are needed to move the 9Pack onto the roller ramp and are recommended for the 18Pack bundle.

Wide Euro Style Tires - Optional Add On

Optional 19/45-17 10 ply tires are available on the rear axle. These wider tires offer increased traction and better flotation in muck soil or wet conditions.

Stationary Roller Extensions - Optional Add On

Get the most out of your stationary operation with roller extensions that pin directly to the roller chute on the Bale Baron. The sealed bearing, steel rollers gently guide each bundle away from the Bale Baron and stop level for easy handling with a grapple.

Expeller Roller - Optional Add On

The hydraulically powered expeller roller with steel fingers moves the bundle out of the way before the endgates close.The expeller roller replaces the first roller at the top of the roller chute. For use in a stationary operation or with a 18Pack/9Pack kit.

Rear Tandem Axle - Optional Add On

Designed for the smoothest Bale Baron ride yet, even at higher speeds over rough fields and tracks. Also safer and smoother for road travel, the Baron stays directly in line behind the tractor, with no sway or swing.

Front Offset Swivel - Optional Add On

Primarily designed for crossing pivot irrigation tracks, Front Offset Swivel wheels provide for a smoother ride over rough fields.

Bundle Flipper

Designed for the operator who handles the Bale Baron bundles with a bale spear and transports the bundles flipped over on their side. This option flips over the bundles in the field as they exit the Bale Baron.