Hay our Way

Small square bales are regarded as the most manageable bale size for everyday feeding and bedding by equine and specialty livestock owners today. Our system eliminates manual labour while supplying the market. The Bale Baron accumulates and packages small square bales into bundles secured with twine. The bundles can be handled multiple times in and out of storage and retain their original shape. The bundle is comprised of 36 inch bales and is specifically designed to fit into van trailers.

The Bale Baron 21 Pack uses standard bales from 14" x 18" (36 cm x 46 cm) balers.

The Bale Baron 18 Pack uses standard bales from 16"x18" (40cm x 46cm) balers. With optional telescoping endgates, make 18 packs with bales from 14"x18" (36cm x 46cm) balers

With optional telescoping endgates, the Bale Baron 9 Pack uses standard bales from 14"x18" (36cm x 46cm) balers. Great for making high-moisture wrapped forage bales. * Optional Equipment Required