MODELThe Claw 2.0
Model NumberBG36
Number of Hooks12
Power Extension Hooks+ 8
BackguardRemovable, standard
Handling Capacity2 bundles/large square bales
Unit WeightN/A
3rd Loader Function RequiredYes


Narrower, Shorter Design

Fitting your stacks into a trailer is now easier with the compact design.

Ductile Iron Hooks

Newly formulated ductile iron hooks and heat-treated shafts for more strength and durability than previous models.

18- Or 21-Bale Bundles

Designed for use with 18-bale and 21-bale bundles.


Second Bale Backguard - Optional Add-On

The removable backguard adds height to allow for transporting two bale bundles at one time. Stiffener plates are optional for this configuration.

Spear Attachment - Optional Add On

The spear attachment can be locked in place or set to float for quick, seamless transition, and can be added to any Claw 2.0 configuration.

Frame Stiffener Plates - Optional Add-On*

Stiffener plates add extra frame stability and support when transporting bale bundles and are recommended when loading van trailers from the ground.

*optional on Backguard configuration and standard on Powered Backguard configuration.

Powered Offset Backguard - Optional Add-On

Maximize the height of your storage space with confidence and safety. The Powered Backguard uses hydraulically pivoting arms to stagger bundles across the joints, like a brick wall, allowing for the extra stability and higher stacking.

SkidSteer Extension Mount - Optional Add On

Extends the loader mounting bracket 24” from the grapple to increase reach across a trailer with a skid loader.

Forklift Extension Mount - Optional Add On

Mount for grapple to fit forklift. Fits forklift tines up to 5.5” wide, 2.5” high, 42” long.